The Regional Historian Bibliography

The Regional Historian

The University of the West of England’s Regional History Centre has been publishing a regular periodical, The Regional Historian, since 1998. In geographical scope it covers the history of the south-western counties from Cornwall through to Wiltshire, therefore including Bath. Since most HBRG members probably don’t see this publication, it seems worth listing the articles on Bath and its neighbourhood that have so far appeared.

Trevor Fawcett, ‘A silly, ridiculous jack in office: Bath’s Town Clerk and the Keppel affair of 1779’, RH no.13, spring/summer 2005, 25-8.

Steve Poole, ‘Sites of memory and neglect: John Thelwall and the art of dying quietly’, RH no.13, spring/summer 2005, 29-32.

Steve Poole, ‘Reconciled to modern taste?  the mysterious disappearance of William Blathwayt’s grand cascade at Dyrham Park’, RH no. 15, summer 2006, 19-21.

Hyla M.Holden, ‘No time for cuddles? the wartime residential nurseries of Dyrham Park’, RH no.17, summer 2007, 39-42.

Trevor Fawcett, ‘A brush with the Ancien Régime: French courtiers at Bath in 1787’, RH no.18, summer 2008, 33-6.

Emma Croker, ‘Urban oligarchy, conflict and concealment: religion, politics and society in late sixteenth century Bath’, RH no.20, autumn 2009, 16-22.

Owen Ward, ‘The origins of the Royal Bath & West Society and its trial grounds’, RH no.20, autumn 2009, 23-7.

Joseph Bettey, ‘Farming practices on the lands of Bath Abbey and Hinton Charterhouse Priory during the sixteenth century’, RH no. 24, winter 2012, 10-13.

Trevor Fawcett, ‘The Upper Assembly Rooms at Bath in the 1770s; private property or public amenity?’ RH no.24, winter 2012, 14-20.

Steve Poole, ‘Marketing the poor: Gainsborough and the circulation of provisions at Bath’, RH no.24, winter 2012, 21-5.

Joseph Bettey, ‘William Crouch of Englishcombe and Wellow, 1503-1586: MP, ruthless property dealer, administrator and trouble maker’, RH no.25, summer 2012, 14-22.

Brian Edwards, ‘Imagining Silbury and Parnassus: Edward Drax and the Batheaston Vase  adventure’, RH no. 26, winter/spring 2013, 21-5.

Trevor Fawcett, ‘Property crime in Georgian Bath: evidence from the Guardian Society, 1783-1800’, RH no.27, summer 2013, 21-5.

Kay Ross, ‘The public ways of the city were become like so many dunghills: collecting nightsoil in eighteenth century Bath’, RH no.27, summer 2013, 26-31.

Bill Hanna's Funeral

Bill's funeral service is on Thursday 24th April at 11 a.m. at the upper chapel at Haycombe, followed by a private cremation.

Donations to the ABF , The Soldiers Charity, c/o Clarkson's, Funeral director's, Windsor Place, Upper Bristol Road. BA1 3DF.

Bill Hanna

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death on Friday 11th April, of Bill Hanna. As many of you know Bill was an active member of the group for many years serving as meetings secretary and it is to him that we owe the outstanding range of talks that we have had the privilege to attend in recent years. He will be missed by us all.

David Crellin
History of Bath Research Group