Monday 16 September 2013What should we think about Little Solsbury? 7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallStephen Clews
Monday 14 October 2013Sheridan, Linley and Matthews: fact and fiction7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallNorman Cunningham
Monday 11 November 2013Bath's First Theatre Royal7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallMalcolm Toogood
Monday 13 January 2014The Cotterell Family7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallNigel Pollard
Monday 10 February 2014John and Charles Palmer: Bath's Multi-tasking Entrepreneurs7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDr Brenda Buchanan
Monday 10 March 2014Lansdown and Other Fairs7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallMike Chapman
Monday 14 April 2014Trouble at the Mill: workers' unrest at Twerton Woollen Mills followed by the AGM6:30pmMuseum of Bath at WorkStuart Burroughs
Monday 12 May 2014Visit: Saltford Brass Mill & Saltford Norman manor house6:00pmThere is parking at The Shallows just beyond the Mill. Meet at the MillTony Coverdale & Richard Canter
Monday 09 June 2014Walk: Odd Down Burnt House, Wansdyke, Cross Keys & St Martin’s6:00pmMeet at The Cross Keys Inn, Midford RoadMike Chapman & Dr Michael Rowe
Monday 29 September 2014The Cleveland Pools7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDr Linda Watts
Monday 13 October 2014Music in Georgian Bath7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDr Matthew Spring
Monday 10 November 2014Downside’s Abbey Archives and Library and the Bath Connection7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDr Simon P Johnson
Monday 12 January 2015Smallcombe Cemetery7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallAlistair Cowan
Monday 09 February 2015Diary of a wartime doctor in Bath and Chippenham7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDr Ruth Skrine
Monday 09 March 2015The Co-operative Movement in Bath7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDave Pearce
Monday 20 April 2015Student Symposium: Students from Bath Spa University talking about their work, followed by the AGM6:30pmMuseum of Bath at WorkStudents of BSU
Monday 11 May 2015Visit: Countess’s of Huntingdon‘s Chapel - A Gothic Jewel in a Sea of Classicism6pmCountess’s of Huntingdon‘s ChapelDr Amy Frost
Monday 08 June 2015Walk: Riverside Bathwick and Kensington6pmMeet at The Boating Station, BathwickMike Chapman
Monday 14 September 2015The Assembly Rooms and World War 17:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallMike Chapman
Monday 12 October 2015Hedgemead landslip7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallBrian Hawkins
Monday 09 November 2015Pieroni’s Fountain7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallColin Fisher
Monday 11 January 2016Anatomy of Poets Corner7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallRichard Williams
Monday 08 February 2016Descendants of John Wood7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDavid Crellin
Monday 14 March 2016Recent excavations at Bath Abbey7:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church HallCharles Curnock and Kim Watkins
Monday 18 April 2016AGM Bathwick digging for Romans6:30pmSt Mary’s Bathwick Church Hall (NEW VENUE for the AGM)Dr Green
Monday 09 May 2016Visit Downside Archive6:00pmDownside SchoolSimon Johnson
Monday 13 June 2016Browns Folly and Monkton Mines6:00pmCar park near Browns Folly and Monkton Mines Maurice Tucker
Monday 12 September 2016Bath the Premier Spa of the Empire7:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallNigel Pollard
Monday 10 October 2016Tracking Nelson through Bath 1771-17987:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallLouis Hodgkin
Monday 14 November 2016Bath's Doubtful Silversmiths7:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallDuncan Campbell
Monday 09 January 2017Benjamin Milgrove, Bath's Musical Toyman7:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallMatthew Spring
Monday 13 February 2017The Lost Church of St Mary de Stalles7:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallPeter Davenport
Monday 13 March 2017Bathwick Pubs7:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallKirsten Elliot
Monday 24 April 2017AGM Presentation by PhD Students6:30pmSt Mary's Bathwick Church HallBath Spa University Students
Monday 08 May 2017Riverside walk from Pulteney Bridge to Widcombe6:00pmMeet at Pulteney BridgeMike Chapman
Monday 12 June 2017Tour of Bowlish House followed by cream tea. Cost per member £142:30pmBowlish House, Shepton Mallet: Lifts will be arrangedIan Keys