Monday 11 September 2017Bath Light Horse Volunteers 1798-18257:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallRichard Dellar
Monday 09 October 2017Recent Archaeology of Bath Quays7:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallCai Mason
Monday 13 November 2017Fanny Murray the Bath girl who became England's most famous courtesan in 18th cent7:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallBarbara White
Monday 08 January 2018Clifford Ellis, Bath Academy of Art and his recent bequest to the Victoria Art Gallery7:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallJon Benington
Monday 12 February 2018History of the Spa pump and laundry (now the Archway project)7:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallMike Chapman
Monday 12 March 2018Sculptors in Bath in the long 18th century7:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallDavid Bridgwater
Monday 16 April 2018AGM followed by The Bath Local Studies Centre development6:30St Mary’s Bathwick Church HallColin Johnston and Anne Buchanan
Monday 14 May 2018Bath Archaeological stores visit6:00TBDStephen Clews
Monday 11 June 2018Swainswick Walk6:00Meet at Swainswick ChurchDavid Crellin