William Herschel Comment

Maria Joyce from our group comments

Herschel's last engagement at St.Margaret's Chapel was not in April, but on May 19, 1782, which was Whit Sunday. Herschel performed on the organ for the last time, and one of his anthems was sung.
 The source for this is J.L.E.Dreyer, ed. Collected Scientific Papers of Sir William Herschel. London, 1910-11.
I do not know whether he was actually appointed as organist at Margaret's Chapel. But in 1776, when he was no longer organist at the Octagon, 'he was free to accept engagements elsewhere, notably at St.Margaret's Chapel.' This is a quote from 'Science and Music in 18th century Bath'; catalogue of an exhibition in the Holburne.....1977. Catalogue by A.J.Turner.
As source Turner gives :Bath Chronicle,  17 October 1776.
Mr. Turner was extremely thorough and careful in his research , I would like to add.